A Foray into the Eclectic

Book Reviews


Thought I’d try my hand at doing book reviews. As I live on a boat there are lots of spots at water points, tip outs and marinas where people drop off items and other boaters can pick things up as a freebie. These things can be far ranging from cookers, washing machines ( for boats of course ) to phone chargers and books.


I tend to be a creature of habit and generally stick to the same authors which for this boater are:

Stephen King, Clive Barker and Dean Koontz to name but three. Of course if your like me you are a bit unwilling to spend out on a new genre or author and not always within distance of a library and risk the possibility of not liking it and feeling lighter in your pockets. So these little points along the cut are a brilliant way to try and branch out and extend ones horizons.


With that in mind I will hopefully start to build up a database of books that I read to inform and possibly entertain you. I must however point out that this boater is a pretty slow reader and have the insanely annoying ability to put a book down at any point, this my suffering wife cannot understand, so they can take a while to finish. Also of note are the fact that some of these are quite voluminous tomes.


Any way enough rabbit….enjoy


The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss