A Foray into the Eclectic

oooo look I’m here!

Its taken 2 years, but now i’m here, blogging …

The main issue as I see it is, I’ve nothing to say – or so I thought. aha!

so who am I?

I am a mum

(to three incredible children – first and for-mostly, this is the biggest, best-est thing Ive ever done and I love it)

I am a wife

(to a pretty good husband)

I am a sister

( my brother lives in the USA with a gorgeous wife and beautiful son I wished we knew better)

I am a daughter

(my parents have given me the best example to follow from – they live the life theyve dreamed for themselves and have overcome some pretty big hurdles one of which was raising me, so hats off to them)

I am a home educator

(meaning: The children don’t go to school, never have and probably never will)

I am a waitress

(Saturday nights at the local Harvester Restaurant)

I am an student

(The open university, Bsc Natural Science)

I am a boater

(this community rocks – pun intended)

I am a craft er

(scrapbooker mainly but altered art is way cool and I make as many gifts as possible)


I think that about covers it

……for now