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Ever found that the lighting on your boat, whilst quaint, is taking too much from your batteries? I have and it was beginning to get me down as I figured that they should be one of the few things on my boat taking the least draw. Now I’m no expert but when the bulb dims I figure the charge in my batteries is low, even after fitting new leisure batteries ( 2x 110 ) it was noticaeable at how quickly my front lights seem to kill my batteries. Factoring in the weather, cos as most of us know that in cold or inclement weather this can have an adverse effect on your batteries reducing thier efficiency by upto 30% or more. Anything else I maybe running, water pump, invertor etc my lights should still fare pretty well, right?…wrong. Even with all the above switched off and only using lights it was still having an adverse effect on my heavy lead blocks (Leisure Batteries). So what did I do about it.

Nothing…..well almost nothing. We have gotten into a cycle of replace our leisure batteries when we can afford it which in turn kills our starter battery due to excess use so we then replace our starter battery just in time for our leisures to die and so on and so forth. Now a lot of this is down to us using far to much lekky to begin with and in part not maintaining and looking after the batteries properly. But it was because of this that the draw on our lights was noticeable. I had been pondering wether it was our wiring that may be the problem and whilst I’ve not completely ruled that out I figured it wasn’t the main problem as inside I really haven’t mucked about with any of the wiring, although I had checked to ensure good connections, no water damage etc but fundamentally have not changed anything inside so I reckoned that it could be the lights themselves. Of course this thought process happened over an extended period of time and other boat problems arose in the interim so it wasn’t really high on my list of priorities.

Then my lovely wife sent me a link one day, now she is the Google Queen, I don’t know how she found this site but I think this could be the saviour of all boat owners the world over. Of course I may have just been really slow to , ahem , get on board but better late than never. Of course I’m reckoning that there are a few of you out their who still haven’t discovered this gem and if your fed up of my dribble then you can head on over and discover it for yourselves.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Baddie the Pirate

Go visit now if you wanna

Now what I like about this site is that it is run by a boater, so they know all the issues we face. the LEDs are very reasonably priced and the best thing is that you don’t have to replace your current unit in most cases, and even if you do the retail on the complete unit is exceptional value for money. The draw on these babies is amazing. What you get is 9+ SMDs which stands for Surface Mounted Diodes and are the new generation of LED lighting.  They are three times brighter than the older LEDs and available in warm white, which means about the same colour light as your normal bulbs, and they truly are great. We are used to LEDs being very focussed light but these do the job the same as bulbs. I  wasnt too sure when ordering them but the website is really user friendly and Baddie is more than happy to help. Drawing on average 0.2 amps you really can’t ask for more.


Baddie has quite a few different types of SMDs which you should be able to find the right one for your portable vehicle, they have side pins or rear pins so bear in mind which are the correct ones for you, I didn’t but don’t tell everyone . I bought a couple of light changing SMDs which I tought would be nice for the kids room. Coupled with a remote control you can even choose a colour to suit your mood. There is also a whopping light which has a night mode, or strip lights. You can pay using Paypal and I found the site easy to navigate and understand ( which is unusaul for me!! ). When my package arrived it was missing the remote but a quick email soon rectified that problem and Baddie is good enough to leave a mobile number so you can call direct if need be. All in all a pleasant experience.

So this is what they look like, well the ones I bought anyway:

comes with rear or side pins

G4 9 SMD

And the reverse:


9 SMDs, giving 90 lumens  Warm white  1.8 Watts  0.15 amps  120 deg angle of light  Voltage range 10-30v DC  Built-in voltage regulator  Long life-span  28mm diameter x 11mm thick + 10mm pins

9 SMDs, giving 90 lumens
Warm white
1.8 Watts
0.15 amps
120 deg angle of light
Voltage range 10-30v DC
Built-in voltage regulator
Long life-span
28mm diameter x 11mm thick + 10mm pins


Now the most brilliant thing about these is that they are a direct replacement for your current G4 bulb so there’s should be no mucking about. Just take out the old one and put in the new one. Of course this is not always true and of course I would be that exception to the rule.

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2013-02-21 19.42.362013-02-21 19.42.21








So these are my light fitting which I had to strip down to try and fudge a way of getting these SMDs to fit. As you can see in the fourth pic the SMD would fit straight into the light fitting but if you look at the fifth pic the depth of the housing was just to deep for it to be directly put in by about 10mm. I should point out that they do fit the unit in the 4th pic and to clarify when it is in situ the filaments aren’t long enough to reach it. So in lieu of possibly replacing the whole unit I decided to try and show some resourceful and inventive bodgeing.


All I can say is that it may not be the prettiest finish but when the lights are on you can’t notice. Mainly cos thery’re so bright and you’ll go blind if you look too long which is just testament to how good they are. So go vist Baddie The Pirate now