A Foray into the Eclectic

Plague Inc-Bad but Sooooo Good

Plague Inc – Ndemic Creations


A SIM game of devestating proportions

Plague Inc

Ususally in games you either have to escape, be the hero, or generally puzzle solveĀ but in Ndemic’s Plague Inc your goal is simple….Infect everyone then wipe ’em out.


First time I played this I felt really guilty because of the destruction I was causing but also could hardly contain the adrenaline as I watched the world die. Using real world scenarios. With a really easy to understand interface, great but not overstated graphics and eerie background soundtrack/music/effects this had me hooked and in fact I had to be careful cos even seeing the dwindling population without much interaction kept me fixed to the mobile screen and hence the loss of a further 10 minutes when I could’ve made the wife a cuppa instaed of a disapproving look which is what I actually got!!




Gameplay is easy, choose a disease type, when you begin you can only have Bacteria, give it a name ( be creative, ones I patted myself on the head for were DR34D and K1LL3R ).

Choose your level



Using a variety of traits you can evolve or in some cases de-evolve your disease by Transmission. Symptoms and Abilites. So you want to ensure your people sneeze.. no problem, you’d like it to be air bourne….done, necrosis… yep do-able.

And following the simple on screen info you ‘control’ what your disease can do, there is also world news such as Tsunamis, or Mass bird migration so using your brain, DNA points which are accumulated during the game take advantage of these natural occurances.


Of course at some point THEY will discover your disease and start research at which point just make it hardy to meds or if THEY are really doing well at curing you then give them Paranoia or Genetically re-shuffle your disease, I know I can see you smiling now…feeling a bit wicked are we??




Watch as the worl goes about it’s business, airlines, ferries etc and feel the rapture as your first infected plane goes to a different country, applaud as you become more infectous than Small Pox.

It has great longetivity and will keep you coming back for more and hopefully you will see this more often than not…


The game is available on most mobile formats and can you think of any good reason not to download it?