A Foray into the Eclectic

Special Occasions


My wonderful son was 5 a few days ago and we all had a fantastic time with friends at Emberton Country Park. We enjoyed having a BBQ and picnic for the day. Surrounded by brilliant friends and tons of kids was just the most amazing thing to do. None of the kids had any major fallings out, if any, and they thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sandpits, adventure playground and exploring. They found a rope swing and everyone had a really great time,

The converstion flowed freely and although the alcohol wasn’t flowing due to none being there and us all having to drive I hope that everyone else had a great time to.

The kids finished the day in the sandpit and got totally covered and wet due to the high rainfall the previous day, I think they successfully managed to dig to Australia.

Thank you to everyone who came and all the generous gifts our son got.