A Foray into the Eclectic

G’s Fave YT Vids

Well jumping on my sons bandwagon here are some of my favourite vids from  YouTube:


Neil Gaiman ….YOU ROCK!!!





All the Simons’ Cat vids are great look for the others yourself 🙂


Need to include this one though….

DON’T WATCH THIS IF EASILY UPSET CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE AND SCENES OF AN ADULT NATURE – But it’s really flamin’ funny watch ’em all- Ahem, NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 15’s ( in my opinion )



A vision on the not so distant future??




Many thanks to my younger brother for showing us these 2 fantastic vids. Bit late getting on the bandwagon for them but hey, better late than never..




These are soooooo funnneeee!!!









How about a fun bit of education?