A Foray into the Eclectic

Complete refresh

Been busy? Procrastination…Yes I’ve been busy but then haven’t we all? Keep on saying the same things about getting more info and stuff on here, yet failing on an amazing scale.

Here’s the thing, I’m rubbish, simple as that. I want to be informative and I want put things here. I keep getting barriers in my way like being in poor signal areas while cruising, Having to pull extra shifts, kids being unwell, problems with generating electricity in order to charge, losing my lovely mobile so that i can’t post on the fly, having a brick of a phone for a replacement that can’t do the simple stuff? But again that’s just procrastination and I reckon we all do it, so please forgive me. I will try and do better. After all I’m paying for this site so like a hobby I might as well just quit moaning and start to actually do stuff.

So in that vein I intend to crack on, kick my own butt and get on with this tinternet thing. You never know I might be quite good at it if, like a gym subscription, i actually flex my finger muscles and just do it.



Husband to Bx and Father of 3, living on a traditional narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal. Lots of interests and very little time to exploit them. So thought we'd start a website to hopefully spark our hobbies and 'make' time to do them so we can Blog and interest others

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