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project Almanac (one spoiler)

Hey Doods rellumxela or Alex here and I am doing wait for it………….A FILM REVIEW…….yeah woo so then..

Last night (Friday 20th February) I went to see Project Almanac at Cineworld and I say it was…


But it was a bit disorientating due to all the way thru it was a handheld video camera so the actors were filming themselves so as you can imagine it was pretty hectic…..

Project Almanac was about time travel and how time travel creates ripple effects.

E.g (spoiler alert ) they go back in time and change the past but when they get to the present there’s been many catastrophic events ..

When I went to see it I felt excited to be going to the cinema by myself for the first time I did go with a friend so I wasn’t completely alone. When I was in (and I say we were really lucky there were only two seats left next to each other ) I calmed down a bit at the end of the movie I was sugar and adrenaline hyped because the movie was so good.

So if you asked me to rate it with stars I’d say 4 1/2 stars…… out of 5

So thx for coming to read my review I’m going to try to do a film review every time I go to the cinema so yeah Go check me out out on YouTube

And bye 😉


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One Response to “project Almanac (one spoiler)”

  • Nice review!

    I love time travel films, so I’ll have to look this one up, even though I read the spoiler. 🙂

    Tell me about the characters. Were they old, young or both? Did they get on with each other?

    Did you find yourself shouting at the screen when someone did something obviously silly?

    Was it a funny film? Or mostly serious?

    Looks forward to an update!