A Foray into the Eclectic

Just Saying

I’m having a hard time starting posts. I keep relying on the same words which is starting to irk me somewhat. Now I’m tying to give examples and can’t think of them. Anyway just don’t get as irked as me when I do it again….Just saying


If anyone out there has been reading my posts you’ll know I live on a boat, I continually cruise and own a car. Getting really fed up with people in housing estates thinking they own the public road. My wife had a run in a week or so ago with a gentleman claiming ‘ You can’t park here this is my road ‘, err excuse me what??. Then in front of my kids he continued to be animated on why we shouldn’t be there. To solidify his point he actually parked his own car in the road instead of his own drive, so as to scupper anyone from parking near his house. Now by some strange occurrence my tyres are flat. Some how they’ve managed to get screws in them, not sharp objects or nails but screws right the way in. Coincidence??. I feel like putting a note in my car window explaining we are on a boat and how long we expect to stay…but why should I. If I act like a victim then I’ll be treated like a victim. Why am I worth less just because I live on a boat?…Just saying.


Why is it I can put a 64gb card in my phone but can’t utilise the space cos the phone has an emulated folder which fills up the meagre 8gb of on-board memory. I can’t even update existing programs without having to delete a ton of stuff. Yes I can root my phone but it’s under a year old so don’t want to risk it. In the old Windows platform when you updated it removed the program first before installing the new one. I know this cos it told me. Why can’t android do that? It would name much more sense. If you install 3rd party apps then sometimes it just installs all over again so you have two of the same app residing on your device….Just saying…


Husband to Bx and Father of 3, living on a traditional narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal. Lots of interests and very little time to exploit them. So thought we'd start a website to hopefully spark our hobbies and 'make' time to do them so we can Blog and interest others

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