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How hard is it to change an email address

Here’s the problem:

I bought a licence for a well known GPS NAVIGATION app back I in the days of the original Windows mobile platform. I successfully managed to port it over to an Android device a few years ago. In the interim period the email I used to register the app with is no longer valid as it was closed down by the operator. With all the best will in the world I can’t remember all the websites, programs and apps I registered under that email. This GPS program being one of them. So I go to put it on my device today and hope against hope that I changed the email the last time I installed it on a mobile device. Alas no….


So obviously I’ve already paid for a licence therefore I shouldn’t have to pay again, right? After installing the free version, cos if memory serves then the last time all I had to do was install the free version then put in my log in details and like magic it all installed and opened up the premium services, voila! That was last time….this time the email address doesn’t work but I go with the forgot password option in the hope that I did changed the email previously. It didn’t work.


Miraculously I can actually remember the old email address so I type it in and tap send. It dutifully tells me that they have sent me an email and to check. Of course this confirms that I didn’t change my email last time. So I have contacted them in the hope that they will honour me and allow me to change my email accordingly and continue to use their fabulous program, cos it really is rather good. I will add to this post with updates to see how easy or hard it is to rectify this issue. Of course if my resolution is easy then I will be singing their praises from the hill tops and letting you all know who they are. If it’s notoriously difficult to do then the opposite may occur. Watch this space….


20th January.

So far they have sent me an auto response and for some strange reason they also set up an account and I had to tap the link and input a password. I was briefly hopeful that this meant it was sorted so went into my GPS app to try it…nope. So took out my pc and ‘ logged’ in to see that I’ve got an account with then and that I’ve logged an issue and that it is unresolved. So near yet so far. Wonder what will happen next?


21st January

CoPilot is the name of the GPS app I’ve downloaded. They sent me an email yesterday afternoon with a temporary password to use in app. This worked, then I had to download the maps and HEY PRESTO!! All is up and running. I’ve gone into account settings and changed the email and set a new password. So hats off to ALK. Thank you, you are brilliant, no fuss, no hassle. Easy to understand instructions, which for me is necessary. So I have a fully fledged GPS app with oodles of extras which only cost me the time to contact them. I also believe that it had been upgraded for free as well, as I was using CoPilot Live 8. Which they no longer support so kudos all round. Fantastic!! Very happy


Side note is…Will it work when I next upgrade my phone…fingers crossed….


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