A Foray into the Eclectic

Some stuff what’s happened

So, what’s been going on in my life, well I’m sure there’s a lot but as its been so long I’m not sure where to start. I don’t have a chronological brain so I’m just gonna throw it out there as several smaller blogs as I remember, time allowing. Some good, some bad and some..Well you get the picture you can decide which is which.


I sit here in the semi dark at 5:38 in the morning drinking an over sweet but delicious coffee courtesy of Segafredo, cos I’m that posh, ahem. Why in the dark? Well my lovely daughter ended up in bed with us last night and I don’t want to wake her or mum will get disturbed as well. I have a wonderful trapped nerve in my right shoulder which for the second day is causing me great discomfort. The fire has gone out due to the gale/ hurricane winds blowing outside. I have to go to work shortly so haven’t got time to clean out the inch of diesel that had dripped into the combustion chamber. I have however popped a wad of rolled up tissue in there to help facilitate a mop up of some sort when the wife wakes up to finish the job and re-ignite the fire but it’s not too chilly just now.


We had a late night yesterday after being out for the day, the kids made pizza at Pizza Express, we met up with friends for coffee, we went round some other friends for tea and then ended up at the cinema to watch Night in the Museum 3. Which as you may all be aware was Robin Williams’ last film. Never knew him personally but what a great talent he will and is going to be missed so much. The film was a formula affair but a good romp for all that. Go see it. So by the time we got home and had dinner it was well and truly bedtime…Well my bedtime at least. Had to get up at this awful hour you know. Now I have to go to work so will carry on getting you up to date later…



Husband to Bx and Father of 3, living on a traditional narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal. Lots of interests and very little time to exploit them. So thought we'd start a website to hopefully spark our hobbies and 'make' time to do them so we can Blog and interest others

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